noviembre 12, 2009

My academic year

Hello, today I am going to talk about my academic year, I think that it was excellent. In general, my academic year was so good about all senses, overcoat the second term of this year. With regard to my subjects, I am satisfied. At the end, regarding to my partners, I think that this years was excellent because we are more united with my friends and, in general, I’ve have good relationship with whole the people that I know. Maybe, one bad thing about this academic year it’s that I had few time to share with those people that I love, and that I couldn’t because the university take me away a lot of time.

Generally, my academic year was very good. I passed my subjects with very good marks, perhaps I felt a bit of stress but nothing out of the normal mood at the end of each term. Especially, the first term was marked by problems with my older sister. We live together, here in Santiago. We are very close, but this year she was too busy with her projects and with her boyfriend, so we couldn’t share so much as I would have wanted.

Regarding to my friends and classmates this year we can to be closer than last year. I don’t know how to say it but maybe our friendship is more mature and we have more confidence between us than last year. In addition, I passed the great majority of my free time with them, resting in universities’ gardens, drinking something and from time of time having fun in a party.

I am very happy with this academic year. I would like that following year will be equal or even better. Next year I will be in my third academic year, my penultimate academic year, ‘cause fifth year of my career consist in a professional practice and make the final thesis, and after of that obtain my title. Saying it this way it sounds as if that the final of my career is very closer. I hope pass all my subjects, so not to be late with my classmates. I hope to continue progressing in my career and still having fun, at the same I’ve been until now

noviembre 05, 2009


Today I’m going to talk about my faculty and it quality and it defect. In my opinion I thing that my faculty is very nice with it hippie style. I love it since the first time that I saw. Besides my faculty has good ilimination and always is clean. Maybe we have some problems in the classroom and bathroom.

Classroom are very noisy I think because are very smalls considering the number of students by course. Obviusly you can think that noise is fault of students, and you are right but even you can hear whispers. Other problems about classrooms is heat in summer, classrooms seems ovens.

With regard to bathrooms usually are smelly, bathrooms need urgently a best ventilation system.

Sometimes we need a quiet place to study and the place that should fullfil this function, the library, always is very noisy. This happens ‘cause we haven`t study`s rooms to make or discuss about research or discuss about class’s topics.

Authorities suggest that lounge room could be the studyroom, but this it`s not a real solution. In fact, whole people uses this place for study ‘cause there`s not another place. Also related with lounge room, there are not enough tables and chairs for all the people. Ussualy we have to wait a momento for a place toe at.

That problems are not really grave, actually this faculty still working in spite of the problems that I’ve said. But always it can be better, so I think that this problems must be solve.

octubre 29, 2009


Today I'm going to talk about the friendship. I think that everyone should have friends. A good friend can be a great listener when you have problems or when you only want to talk about the life. With a good friend you can share experiences and ideas about a topic. A good friend help you when you are in troubles. But, friendship must be reciprocal if you want to keep yours friends along the time.

Mano is my best friend. We met in the high school six year ago. He is tall and thin and he has a dark skin. I only can see him when I travel to Talca 'cause he lives there. Usually we join us to talk about ours lifes and go to some restorant to eat or drink something. I would like go to dischos with him but his girlfriend isn't 18 years-old, and obviusly we are not going to parties alone. He want to study psichology, like me. I really want that he can enter to the university and become a great professional.

In my opinion I am not good for make friends easily, but this it's not 'cause I don't be friendly or simphatic, but 'cause I think that friend is a word only for some special persons. Call someone friend, real friend, it`s not easy. I need to meet deeply a person to consider him my friend. Although I use the word often to refer to the people that is simphatic and nice.

I`m still in touch with my childhood friends, especially with Jesus y Javiera. I met them when I was around 5 years-old and we still being friend. I love so much those girls.

At the univesity I made very good friends too and the people says that friends made at the university will be friend forever, I hope that be truth =)

octubre 15, 2009

"Cannibal killer murdered again after mental care failures"

Psyquiatric patient murdered again by fault of the psyquiatric institution where he was. Peter Bryan was confined after that he murdered her first victim, Nicha Sheth. Bryan murdered him and dismembered his body, for soon eat his brain. "I ate his brains with butter. It was really nice", he said in the interrogation.
This patient obviusly has a mental disorder, but in the hostel the doctors thought that after eight years of treatment Bryan was in condition for leave the hostel and be reintegrated to the community under supervision. This decision was influenced by the good behavoir of Bryan, described by doctors like amiable.

The problem was the new hostel that accepted him. They never before been responsible for killers, and their social workers have not experience in metal disorders. Bryan muerder two victims in two months. One of them, Brian Cherry, was a fellow inmate, the other one was a 82 years old man. The first one was butchered and the last one was strangled.

That new make us discussing about that was is sane or insane in the behavoir of the mental patient.

octubre 08, 2009


At present, I don't have pets, but I would like have one. My favourite pet are dogs. I love their silly and cute face, and the movement of the tail when they are happie, or their sad face when they want caress or they are hungry.

I grew up with dogs, since I have memory. The first one was a mixture of a Big Danish with another one breed. His name was Toby. Actually I can't remember much about Toby 'cause he die when I was 4 years old. When he die, my father bought an German shepherd. That dog was amazing, I really loved that dog. Her name was Daisy, she was so smart and cute, and always it`s seems like she was smiling. I turn so sad when she die 'cause I had played, laugh and done a lot of thing with Daisy. She die when I was 14 years old, so, I live ten years with her. Before that she would turn sick and bad we bought another German shephard to keep her company, her name is Cristal, a very shy and calm dog, she is a bit silly but I love her with her qualities and faults. After Daisy's death Cristal was alone for two years until we bought the last one pet that I`ve had, she is Pascua. Pascua is a so crazy dog, she loved to play and jump for all the garden.
When my parents bought another place to live, we had to give them to another persons.

I think that all the people should have a pet, overcoat the children 'cause they learn resposabilities and how to care of another one.

I`m a pet lover =)

septiembre 24, 2009


Actually, I`ve never knew the other kind of transport, I mean the "yellow buses". I went to live to Santiago two years ago and in that time Transatiago already was in operation but I will compare with the public transport in my city, Talca.
In Talca the buses are so smallest, and very very older. Usually the buses are decorated with a lot of knickknacks, you know, stickers from everything that you can imagine, rosaries and funny lights that turn on when the bus turn to the left or when the bus stop. Also, it`s no rare that the bus stink with many different smells. Sometimes bus smells like an older house, or like a public bath, or a typical smell of a bus. It`s seems that the buses in my city are the worse in the country but the buses have some qualities. For example, the seats are more comfortable than the seats in transantiago. Usually, the seats have quilted and sit down on it is pleasant.
I`m happy with Transantiago, I have no problem to arrive to my home. Maybe it was ‘cause I`m live in Providencia Street. I guess that the big problem it`s the population, it`s so many people for only one city. I think that to make more metro station could turn better this problem.